The Frugal Juice Cleanse – FAIL!

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I have been thinking of making some changes to my eating habits, I really wanted to cut out the snacking on junk food, cut out pop and cut down on the caffeine. I had also been interested in trying a juice cleanse so I thought now would be a good time to try it and that it would be a great way to kick start better eating habits.

I got my husband on board as he wanted to try it also, so I started to look into it. I found a few different places that sold the juices you needed for the cleanse, most of which cost between $150-$200 each for a 3 day cleanse! If my husband and I were to both buy a cleanse that $300-$400!!! I figured I could make them myself for much less. I figured this would also make a great blog post since I would be able to show how you can do the cleanse for so much less by making the juices yourself.

Here’s how it went…Saturday I went out and purchased all the ingredients that the recipes indicated that we would need. It was modeled after the Blueprint Juice Cleanse and required the following (per person):

  • 15 ribs of celery
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 15 green apples
  • 9 kale leaves
  • 9 lemons
  • 15 oz raw cashews
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 9 romaine leaves
  • 1-2 bunches spinach
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 bunch mint
  • 9 beets
  • 9 large carrots
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • 1 bottle lemon juice
  • agave nectar
  • cayenne pepper
  • 1 case water
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract

Some of the items like cayenne pepper and cinnamon I already had at home, but I went out and purchased everything on Saturday for a total cost of $68.60. Here is what happened next:

  • Saturday: Got home with the ingredients needed and started juicing around dinner time….3 hours later I had finished juicing the 3 juices that needed to be juiced but still had 2 others that needed to be made, one blended and another just mixed. Also washed all the dishes, including all the juicer pieces (which took forever!).
  • Sunday: Got up ready and excited to start the cleanse.
    1. Green Juice: The first juice was the Green Juice which consisted of celery, cucumber, apples, kale, parsley, romaine, spinach and lemon juice…..I could barely get it down. I did not like it one bit! My husband didn’t think it was bad and drank the whole thing….I drank half while plugging my nose and left the rest.
    2. P.A.M: The second juice was the P.A.M juice which consisted of pineapple, apples and mint. This one was really good, no problem getting it down. I was starting to feel a little hungry by this point so I grabbed a stick of sugar free gum to chew on hoping that it would trick me into thinking I was eating. We also didn’t have enough fruits/veggies for tomorrows juice so I went out and spent another $28.26 on the things we would need for the next day.
    3. Green Juice: The third juice was the Green Juice again…..I forced myself to drink the rest of the first one, plugging my nose again. I started to get a headache and was feeling pretty tired by this point. I started the juices we would need for the next day and spent another 3 hours making them and another 1 or so cleaning the juicer and everything!!
    4. Spicy Lemonade: The fourth juice was the Spicy Lemonade which consisted of water, juiced lemons, cayenne pepper and agave nectar. It was sour, but really wasn’t that bad. I drank the whole thing. Was still feeling pretty tired, still had a headache and my son decided not to nap that day…so my husband and I were both hungry, feeling sick and irritable.
    5. C.A.R: The fifth juice was the C.A.R juice which consisted of apples, beets, carrots, ginger and lemon juice. I could not tell you what it tasted like….I could not get past the smell. I decided I would skip this one and go straight for the last one since it was getting late in the evening anyways. My husband gave up at this point, he was still feeling sick, hungry and irritable so he broke down and ate something for dinner. I was feeling light headed but decided to tough it out.
    6. Cashew Milk: The sixth “juice” was Cashew Milk which consisted of raw cashews, water, agave nectar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. This one tasted great, it was a little gritty but felt very nourishing after having had only juice all day. By this point I was feeling nauseous and couldn’t finish the Cashew Milk, I also still had a headache so I went to bed early with zero energy.
  • Monday: The next morning I woke up still feeling tired and sick, the thought of trying to down the first drink of the day (which was the Green Juice) made my stomach churn….so I broke down and had a bowl of cereal. That’s when I gave up, I had no energy to keep up with my kids, felt sick, had a headache, was out of apples so would have to purchase more fruit in order to continue for another day and I didn’t have another 3 hours to spend on Monday to make more juice!

I really admire anyone who can do this long term, I had done a similar cleanse years ago but I found with young children in the house I just didn’t have the energy, money, time or patience to keep it going. I had hoped that this blog would be about how I had succeeded in doing a 3 day juice cleanse for way less than if I’d purchased it….I spent $98.86 in total, and would have had to go out and purchase more fruit in order to continue for the third day. I could not stomach the veggie juices, the fruit and nut ones were good…but so time consuming to make. I would rather just make smoothies! They say that feeling sick is part of the cleansing process but it is very difficult to care for your children or go to work when you are feeling that way. In a way I failed, but I think it’s really made me want to make other changes in order to achieve my goals. I have stopped drinking pop, cut down my caffeine consumption and am making better choices when it comes to what I eat for meals/snacks. I also hope to start excising more regularly, likely at the gym since the weather will start to be colder.

Have any of you had good/bad experiences with juicing? Or cleansing?


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