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烤漆Bayhydrol A XP 2770

Bayhydrol A XP 2770

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  • Bayhydrol A XP 2770

    Type                      Aqueous hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion
    Form supplied             approx. 44.5 % in water/Dowanol® PnB, neutralized with
                              dimethyl amino ethanol in the ratio approx.

                              50.2 : 3.6 : 1.7
    Uses                      Waterborne 2K-Polyurethane varnishes in combination

                              with aliphatic Polyisocyanates
    Characteristic data*
    Property                  Value         Unit of measurement     Method
    Viscosity at 23 °C,      approx. 1,000  mPa·s            DIN EN ISO 3219/A.3

    D = approx. 40 s-1
    Non-volatile content      approx. 44.5    %                DIN EN ISO 3251

    (1 g/1 h/125 °C/convection oven)
    pH                        8.0                              DIN ISO 976

    (tested 10 % in demineralised water)
    *These values are provisional. Binding supply specifications will not be

      available until the final product data sheet is published.

    Other data**
    Property                  Value        Unit of measurement      Method
    Hydroxyl content          approx. 3.9      %

    (solvent free, calculated)
    Acid value                approx. 11.5     mg KOH/g        DIN EN ISO 2114
    Density at 20 °C         approx. 1.06     g/ml            DIN EN ISO 2811

    **These values provide general information.

  • Bayhydrol A XP 2770

    Solubility / thinnability    Bayhydrol® A XP 2770 can be thinned with water in

                                 any ratio.

    Compatibility                Suitable co-reactants for the formulation of

                                 aqueous two-component polyurethane systems include

                                 Desmodur® N 3400, N 3600, N 3800 or N 3900,
                                 Bayhydur® 3100, 304, 305, 401-70, XP 2487/1,

                                 XP 2655 or XP 2759.

    Properties / Applications   Bayhydrol® A XP 2770 is a hydroxyfunctional

                                polyacrylic dispersion which can be thinned with

                                water to application viscosity. Bayhydrol® A XP

                                2770 combined with aliphatic polyisocyanates

                                yields high-gloss top coats which can be dried
                                at room temperature or force-dried, e.g.at 80℃
                               The cured paint films are hard and flexible with

                               outstanding resistance to solvents and water and

                               excellent weatherability.
                               When properly formulated, e.g.in combination with

                               Bayhydur® 304 in an NCO / OH ratio of 1.5 : 1,

                               the pot life is approx. 4 hours.
                               Bayhydrol® A XP 2770 has good pigment wetting

                               properties and high shear stability. Bead mills

                               have proved suitable as grinding equipment. Only
                               pigments and extenders with a minimum water-soluble

                               content should be used. Given the many pigments

                               and extenders available, compatibility testing
                               should always be carried out.
                               When mixing Bayhydur® or Desmodur® into the mill

                               base, a thickener must be added to ensure a high

                               shear effect.
                               The addition of approximately 0.4 % Borchigen®

                               PW 25 (calculated on the solid binder) has proved

                               suitable for formulations based on Bayhydrol® A

                               XP 2770.
                               Levelling and substrate wetting can be optimised

                               by adding, for example Byk® 349 and Byk® 378.

                               Byk® 011 has proved to be a suitable antifoam.
                               Application and formulation equipment can be cleaned

                               with water, alkaline cleaning agents or isopropanol.

    Storage                    - Storage in original sealed Bayer MaterialScience

                               - Recommended storage temperature: > 0 - 30 °C.
                               - Protect from frost, heat and foreign material.

                               General information: Short-time cooling down to

                               -18 °C does not typically damage the product.

                               Prolonged freezing can damage the product

                               Prolonged storage at higher temperatures may result

                               in a decrease of viscosity and/or an increase of

                               average particle size, possibly resulting in

                               sedimentation or coagulation.
                               The viscosity of the product is largely governed

                               by the pH. As the pH may decrease during storage,

                               a decrease in viscosity is also to be expected. The
                               viscosity can be adjusted to its original value by

                               the addition of small amounts of an aqueous 10 %

                               solution of dimethyl ethanol amine.
                               Contamination with certain bacteria, fungi or algae

                               may render the product unusable.

    Storage time               Bayer MaterialScience represents that, for a period

                               of six months following the day of shipment as stated

                               in the respective transport documents, the product
                               will meet the specifications or values set forth in

                               section "specifications or characteristic data" above

                               what ever is applicable, provided that the product is
                               stored in full compliance with the storage conditions

                               set forth in and referenced under section "storage"

                               above and is otherwise handled appropriately.
                               The lapse of the six months period does not

                               necessarily mean that the product no longer meets

                               specifications or the set values. However, prior to

                               using said product,  Bayer MaterialScience recommends

                               to test such a product if it still meets the

                               specifications or the set values.  Bayer

                               MaterialScience does not make any representation

                               regarding the product after the lapse of the six

                               months period and Bayer MaterialScience shall not

                               be  responsible  or liable in any way for the

                               product  failing to meet  specifications or the

                               set values   after the lapse of the six months


    Safety                     Hazards identification Not classified as a hazardous

                               product as per Council Directive 2006/121/EC or

                               The safety data sheet should be observed.This contains

                               information on labeling, transport and storage as well

                               as on handling, product safety and ecology.

    Important                  This is a Trial Product of which we do not yet have

                               extensive experience.
                               No guarantee can therefore be given regarding the

                               behaviour of the product during processing or use.